Brazilian Cost Association

The Brazilian Cost Association (BCA) groups professionals and scholars, who work in the area of ​​cost under a multidisciplinary approach. Aiming at knowledge development and the application of strategic cost management systems, which contribute to the improvement of product quality, process flexibility, lead-time and cost reduction, of organizations that seek to become globally competitive.

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The First International Congress of University for Professors of Cost was held at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Paraná, Argentina, in November 1987, and its organization was supported by the Instituto Argentino de Profesores Universitários de Costos – IAPUCO. As a result of the Congress and based on the need to create institutions that would allow the systematic study of the discipline Cost, the professors who attended the event pledged to set up an International Institute of Cost as well as promote the creation of nationwide entities in several countries.


BCA Board of Directors